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Full Name and Degrees: 
Gordon Keller, PhD
Member Role: 
Institutional affiliation: 
Toronto Medical Discovery Tower

Senior Scientist, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

Director, McEwen Centre for Regenerative Medicine, University Health Network

Lead Scientist, Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine

Professor, Department of Medical Biophysics, University of Toronto

Research Interests

  • Lineage specific differentiation of embryonic stem (ES) cells in culture
  • Development of the hematopoietic, vascular, and cardiac lineages from ES cells
  • Commitment of ES cells to endoderm-derived lineages
  • Growth and differentiation of human embryonic stem cells

Canada Research Chair in Embryonic Stem Cell Biology

McEwen Centre for Regenerative Medicine

Recent publications: 
Defined Engineered Human Myocardium with Advanced Maturation for Applications in Heart Failure Modelling and Repair. (Link is external) Circulation. 2017 Feb 06;Tiburcy M, Hudson JE, Balfanz P, Schlick SF, Meyer T, Chang Liao ML, Levent E, Raad F, Zeidler S, Wingender E, Riegler J, Wang M, Gold JD, Kehat I, Wettwer E, Ravens U, Dierickx P, van Laake L, Goumans MJ, Khadjeh S, Toischer K, Hasenfuss G, Couture LA.   Stimulus relevance modulates contrast adaptation in visual cortex.(link is external) Elife. 2017 Jan 28;6: Keller AJ, Houlton R, Kampa BM, Lesica NA, Mrsic-Flogel TD, Keller GB, Helmchen F   Contribution of Rostral Fluid Shift to Intrathoracic Airway Narrowing in Asthma.(link is external) J Appl Physiol (1985). 2017 Jan 12;:jap.00969.2016 Bhatawadekar SA, Inman MD, Fredberg JJ, Tarlo SM, Lyons OD, Keller G, Yadollahi A   Mismatch Receptive Fields in Mouse Visual Cortex.(link is external) Neuron. 2016 Nov 23;92(4):766-772 Zmarz P, Keller GB
Prince Margaret Cancer Centre 610 University Avenue Toronto, ON M5G 2M9
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