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Group Description
'Omics Group bioinformatics
Administrative Coordinating Center The PCTC Administrative Coordinating Center
Consortium Investigators All PCTC investigators
Consortium Wide News and Events All news and events from all consortium groups
NHLBI Members National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute representatives
PCTC Fellows and Post-docs The PCTC research and post-doctoral fellows
Research Hub Principal Investigators PCTC's lead principal investigators
Skills Development Committee & Opportunities Skills Development Committee, Training Programs and Information
Research Hubs
Group Description
Chapman (UCSF) Research Hub 01 Epithelial Stem/Progenitor Cells as Repair Agents in Diffuse Alveolar Damage
Chou (CHOP) Research Hub 02 ​Improving Transfusion Therapy for Patients With Sickle Cell Disease With Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Red Cells
Daley (BCH) Research Hub 03 Stem Cells for Therapeutics Discovery in Genetic Blood Disorders
Slukvin (UW-M) Research Hub 05 Transplantation of MHC Homozygous Vascular Progenitors in Primates
Snoeck (CUMC) Research Hub 04 Modeling, Pathogenesis and Treatment of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
Whitsett (CCHMC) Research Hub 06 ​Editing Alveolar Progenitor Cells for Correction of Monogenic Disease
Zhang (UAB) Research Hub 07 ​Integrated Cellular and Tissue Engineering for Ischemic Heart Disease

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