Specification and Diversification of Pericytes and Smooth Muscle Cells from Mesenchymoangioblasts

Akhilesh Kumar; Saritha Sandra D’Souza; Oleg V. Moskvin; Huishi Toh; Bowen Wang; Jue Zhang; Scott Swanson; Lian-Wang Guo; James A. Thomson; Igor I. Slukvin
Publication Type: 
Original Research Article
Name of Journal, Book, etc.: 
Cell Reports

Drs. Akhilesh Kumar, James Thomson, Igor Slukvin, and colleagues find that mesodermal pericytes and smooth muscle cells in human pluripotent stem cell cultures originate from a common endothelial and mesenchymal cell precursor, the mesenchymoangioblast. They show how different lineages of mural cells are specified from mesenchymoangioblasts and define stage- and lineage-specific markers for vasculogenic cells. [30May2017 Cell Reports]

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