Prospective isolation of NKX2-1–expressing human lung progenitors derived from pluripotent stem cells

Finn Hawkins,1,2 Philipp Kramer,3 Anjali Jacob,1,2 Ian Driver,4 Dylan C. Thomas,1 Katherine B. McCauley,1,2 Nicholas Skvir,1 Ana M. Crane,3 Anita A. Kurmann,1,5 Anthony N. Hollenberg,5 Sinead Nguyen,1 Brandon G. Wong,6 Ahmad S. Khalil,6,7 Sarah X.L. Huang,3,8 Susan Guttentag,9 Jason R. Rock,4 John M. Shannon,10 Brian R. Davis,3 and Darrell N. Kotton1,2
Publication Type: 
Original Research Article
Name of Journal, Book, etc.: 
The Journal of Clinical Investigation

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