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Welcome to the PCTC Fellows and Post-doc group.

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If you would like to join this group, please contact Andrea Lefever (alefever@som.umaryland.edu) and Ling Tang (litang@som.umaryland.edu) so we can add you to the distribution list.


Below are links to view the postfoctoral fellows and graduate students from each Research Hub:


mherriges's picture
Michael Herriges
juzhang's picture
Jue Zhang, Ph.D.
Abhan's picture
Arunoday Bhan Ph.D.
Dvereide's picture
David Vereide Ph.D.
Mbrown's picture
Matthew Brown Ph.D.
AAkrell's picture
Asher Krell
Trosanwo's picture
Tolulope Rosanwo
lAgao's picture
Ling Gao Ph.D.
KAalysandratos's picture
Konstantinos Alysandratos M.D. Ph.D
MAguo's picture
Minzhe Guo
XAtang's picture
Xiaofang Tang Ph.D
JAgokey's picture
Jason J Gokey Ph.D.
MAsimsek's picture
Muhammed F Simsek Ph.D
XAren's picture
Xiaomeng Ren Ph.D
TArindler's picture
Tara N Rindler Ph.D
EAozbudak's picture
Ertugrul M Ozbudak Ph.D
JAsnowball's picture
John M Snowball M.Sc.
CAstockman's picture
Courtney A Stockman
Lhan's picture
Lu Han Ph.D
SAray's picture
Samriddha Ray Ph.D
MAriccetti's picture
Matthew R Riccetti
EAhoskins's picture
Elizabeth E Hoskins M.Sc.
SAsitaraman's picture
Sneha Sitaraman, PhD
NAstuart's picture
Nagako A Stuart Ph.D
SArankin's picture
Scott A Rankin M.Sc.
AAeicher's picture
Alexandra Eicher
PAsudha's picture
Parvathi Sudha M.S.
PVummidi's picture
Premkumar Vummidi Giridhar Ph.D
JAolsen's picture
Jayme L Olsen M.Sc.
YAsun's picture
Yuliang Sun
ACarvalho's picture
Ana Luisa Rodrigues Toste de Carvalho
Sborst's picture
Sara Borst
Rsugimura's picture
Rio Sugimura M.D. Ph.D
DAposocco's picture
David Posocco
Jkathiriya's picture
Jaymin J Kathiriya Ph.D
YAoduk's picture
Yasin Oduk Ph.D
JAhom's picture
Jimmy Hom
RAvagnozzi's picture
Ronald Vagnozzi Ph.D
YApeng's picture
Yanyan Peng M.Sc.,Ph.D
MAperna's picture
Marla K Perna M.A.,Ph.D
JAmunera's picture
Jorge O Munera Ph.D
pwagh's picture
Purnima Wagh, Ph.D.
Hpoling's picture
Holly M Poling
Sbell's picture
Sheila M Bell Ph.D
Ballen's picture
Brian W. Allen
soroushf13's picture
Fariborz Soroush, Ph.D.
achoudhuri's picture
Avik Choudhuri, Ph.D.
dtabima's picture
Diana M. Tabima Martinez, Ph.D.
ichan's picture
Iris Chan
mesquitta's picture
Walatta-tseyon Mesquitta
ahelfer's picture
Abbi Helfer
shon's picture
Stephanie Hon
fhawkins's picture
Finn Hawkins, PhD
aysasi's picture
Alexandra Ysasi
eeverton's picture
Elissa Everton
YAdu's picture
Yina Du
ohix's picture
Olivia Hix
hjess's picture
Jessie Huang
vlundin's picture
Vanessa Lundin, Ph.D.
kMcCauley's picture
Katherine B. McCauley, PhD
kyah27's picture

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