PCTC “Jump-Start” Awards

PCTC Jump Start Award Program


To provide the PCTC with a mechanism to quickly award small grants to junior faculty (less than 5 years from their appointment to Assistant Professor), Research Associates, Graduate Students, Fellows and Postdocs to support a well-defined specific aim. The aim should involve at least one of the following, with priority given to proposals that incorporate two:

1.     The application of new technology to an existing translational research question

2.     The generation of preliminary data for a new translational research goal and grant application

3.     The facilitation of inter-hub collaboration

A maximum of six awards, not to exceed $25,000 each, may be awarded each year. Research Hub Institutions are encouraged to provide waivers for F&A costs to preserve Jump Start funds for research. No salary support is allowed for faculty, graduate students, research associates, or fellows. Detailed budgets with clear justifications will constitute a major component of the application. Expenditures must adhere to the approved budget. Funds will be disbursed by the PCTC Administrative Coordinating Center (PCACC) at the direction of the NHLBI following review by a panel of PCTC members.

Submission Deadline: March 1, 2022 (Final round)




Jump Start Award Application Process:

An application form is attached below.

Page 1 will be a standard PHS 398 face page. (line 2: Number: N/A Title: NHLBI PCTC Jump Start Award)

Page 2 includes the application title, personnel, abstract, and check list. 

Page 3 includes the proposed Aim, including significance/ innovation/ and anticipated results.

Page 4 includes a detailed budget with justification for the approach.

Page 5 is optional but may include figures and references.

Page 6 includes a signed statement from the PCTC Research Hub Contact PI in support of the applicant and provides assurance that the proposed work is not already supported.

Finally, please attach applicants (not Research Hub PIs) PHS 398-formatted biosketches. Encourage using the updated NIH biosketch format.

Please send your documents in PDF format to: mterrin@som.umaryland.edu, alefever@som.umaryland.edu, and litang@som.umaryland.edu.

Review Process:

PCTC investigators are responsible for the review process. Two Review committee Chairs will be identified, each serving for one review cycle per year. They will convene a committee with members selected from PCTC investigators to assure appropriate reviewer expertise for the science proposed and no conflicts of interest. Reviews can be conducted via email or teleconference.

Awards will be issued in the name of the junior faculty/trainee, and will carry an official grant number which can be listed on the grantees CV. This will provide important attribution.

A brief summary of outcomes will be reported at the PCTC annual meeting. 

List of funded PCTC Jump Start Awards:





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