Lung Gene Expression Analysis (LGEA): An Integrative Web Portal for Comprehensive Gene Expression Data Analysis in Lung Development

Yina Du1, Joseph A Kitzmiller1, Anusha Sridharan1, Anne K Perl1, James P Bridges1, Ravi S Misra4, Gloria S Pryhuber4, Thomas J Mariani4, Soumyaroop Bhattacharya4, Minzhe Guo1, S Steven Potter2, Phillip Dexheimer3, Bruce Aronow3, Alan H Jobe1, Jeffrey A Whitsett1, Yan Xu1,3
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Original Research Article
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Drs. Yina Du, Joseph Kitzmiller, Jeffrey Whitsett, and colleagues share the Lung Gene Expression Analysis (LGEA) web portal for gene expression patterns in single cells, sorted cell populations and whole lung tissues. [May2017 Thorax]

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