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Postdoc position open immediately (posted 2/25/2022)

Mentor: Jianyi Jay Zhang, PhD, Department of Biomedical engineering, School of Medicine, University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Multiple Postdoctoral positions open immediately for highly motivated individuals to study mechanisms of cardiovascular diseases and heart failure in the lab of Dr. Jianyi Jay Zhang in the BME Department. Studies will use hiPSC and organoids technology that have been established, to examine cardiomyocyte cell-cycle regulation in neonatal and adult hearts.   Mechanistic studies will use surgically induced myocardial infarction in rodent and large mammal models. Experiences in cell biology and molecular biology, and preclinical studies using animal models are required.  Additional experiences in flow cytometry, gene array, histology, and immunohistochemistry will be helpful. The successful candidates will join team of scientists using the leading state of the art technologies in their respective projects, and will obtain training in NIH grant preproposal writing, and enjoy the process of transition from trainee to faculty.    

Qualification: The applicant must have a doctoral degree in biomedical science or other related disciplines, with a strong expertise in one or more of the following areas: molecular biology, cell biology, and/or cardiovascular physiology. Experiences in cell culture, preclinical studies, animal model surgery will be extra strength. Expertise with basic techniques utilizing DNA, RNA, protein, and tissue culture is required.  If interested, please send a CV, names of three references, and a description of research interests to Ms. Angela Kidd at Phone: (205) 934-8326 | 

Postdoc Awards and Benefits 

We provide competitive benefits and salary that are based on the experiences.  Additional trainings are available including NIH Progenitor Cell Translational Consortium (PCTC) inter-hub exchange/training rpogram, annual jump-start awards, trainees only session.  Additional funds are available to enhance collaboration within or outside UAB.  Training in classroom teaching for undergraduate students is also possible for qualified candidates. 


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