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The goal of the NHLBI Progenitor Cell Translational Consortium (PCTC) is to translate advances in progenitor cell biology towards application to heart, lung, and blood diseases. We also try to gather relevant funding opportunities for the consortium.

To suggest funding opportunities for inclusion here, contact PCTC Administrative staff, Andrea Lefever ( and Ling Tang (

(posted 12Apr2018)

New Directions in Hematology Research (SHINE-II) (R01 Clinical Trial Optional) 

To promote research activities in nonmalignant hematology, this FOA is calling for R01 grant applications focused on a single central aim for a duration of 1-3 years.

More details: New Directions in Hematology Research (SHINE-II) (PAS-18-730)

posted 05Mar2018)

NHLBI Early Phase Clinical Trials for Therapeutics and/or Diagnostics 

The NHLBI has published two funding opportunities for early phase clinical trials:

  • NHLBI Early Phase Clinical Trials for Therapeutics and/or Diagnostics (R61/R33 Clinical Trial Required) - (PAR-18-683)
  • NHLBI Early Phase Clinical Trials for Therapeutics and/or Diagnostics (R33 Clinical Trial Required) - (PAR-18-684)

The objective of these funding opportunities is to support investigator-initiated, phase I clinical trials for diagnostic and therapeutic interventions for heart, lung, blood, and sleep (HLBS) disorders in adults and children. The proposed trial can be single or multisite.

(posted 29Jan2018)

Request for Information (RFI): Strategically Critical Resources or Infrastructures Recommended for NHLBI Support Using the R24/U24 Grant Mechanisms

The NHLBI is requesting information on needs for resources or infrastructure to access biospecimens, disease models (cell lines or model organisms), production capabilities, information or data, or standardization of data/tools of relevance to the research mission of the NHLBI. Of particular interest are needs at a national level that could be supported under R24/U24 grant mechanisms.

Comments in response to this RFI ( may be submitted by email no later than March 19, 2018 to:


(posted 17Jan2018)

Notices on funding opportunity announcements (FOAs) for the NHLBI 21st Century Cures Regenerative Medicine program include:

These Notices encompass $28 million overall, $10 million available for award in FY 2018.

(posted 19Dec2017)

Human Biomolecular Atlas Program (HuBMAP) has published two funding opportunities, administered through the NHLBI:

RFA-RM-17-025 is to solicit transformative technologies that will significantly expand throughput, multiplexing and discrimination of biomolecules in human tissues for comprehensive mapping of individual cells and their context in human tissues.

RFA-RM-17-027 is to establish state-of-the-art Tissue Mapping Centers (TMCs) that will generate high-resolution, high-content, multiscale maps of non-diseased human organs and systems.

Dec(posted 04Dec2017)

This funding opportunity announcement (FOA) encourages research on human long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) in controlling the gene regulatory networks underpinning normal Heart, Lung, Blood and Sleep (HLBS) homeostatic and disease processes.

More details:

(posted 17Nov2017)

These funding opportunity announcements (FOAs) encourage research topics in transfusion medicine and bioengineering applications.

More details:

PAR18-126 - Selected Topics in Transfusion Medicine (R01 Clinical Trial Optional)

PAR-18-132 - Selected Topics in Transfusion Medicine (R21 Clinical Trial Optional)

Note: NHLBI is not a participating organization for the following two FOAs:

PAR18-206 - Bioengineering Research Grants (BRG) (R01 Clinical Trial Optional)

PAR-18-208 - Bioengineering Research Partnerships (U01 Clinical Trial Optional)

(posted 04Aug2017)

The Sartorius & Science Prize for Regenerative Medicine & Cell Therapy is an annual prize geared toward researchers focused for an essay on basic or translational research that advances regenerative medicine and cell therapy.

Winners get $25,000 and publication in Science

Next application deadline: October 1, 2017


(posted 25May2017)

FOAs: Revision Applications for Regenerative Medicine Innovation Projects (RMIP) [R43/R44; R41/R42; U54; UM1; UC4; U24; R01; R24; UM2; P50; P41; U01].

These funding opportunity announcements (FOAs) invite revision applications, from investigators with active R43/R44; R41/R42; U54; UM1; UC4; U24; R01; R24; UM2; P50; P41; U01 research project awards that support clinical research studies on regenerative medicine (RM) using adult stem cells.

More details:

RFA-HL-17-023, R43/R44 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Grant - Phase I, Phase II, Phase IIB, and Fast Track

RFA-HL-17-024, R41/R42 Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Grant - Phase I, Phase II, Phase IIB, and Fast Track

RFA-HL-17-025, U54 Specialized Center- Cooperative Agreements

RFA-HL-17-026, UM1 Research Project with Complex Structure Cooperative Agreement

RFA-HL-17-027, UC4 High Impact Research and Research Infrastructure - Cooperative Agreement Programs

RFA-HL-17-028, U24 Resource-Related Research Projects – Cooperative Agreements

RFA-HL-17-029, R01 Research Project Grant

RFA-HL-17-030, R24 Resource-Related Research Projects

RFA-HL-17-031, UM2 Program Project or Center with Complex Structure Cooperative Agreement

RFA-HL-17-032, P50 Specialized Center

RFA-HL-17-033, P41 Biotechnology Resource Grants

RFA-HL-17-034, U01 Research Project – Cooperative Agreements


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